Speaking Easy Over Dinner

Whether in person or virtually, staying connected is on everyone’s minds. Speaking Easy Over Dinner provides a creative way to connect with loved ones and talk about those things that matter most to all of you. So, get ready for an evening of delicious food and intriguing conversation!

As you go through your meal, read the instructions in each section below to guide your conversation.

Enjoy your meal!

Description: This is the start of your dinner. Everyone should take turns answering the following three questions – it’ll open things up for the deeper dive that will come as dinner goes on.

1. At what time and place have you been most comfortable in your own skin?

2. What do you wish you could do forever?

3. What motivates you, or gets you excited?

Description: This should be the bulk of your discussion. Go around the “room” and let each person answer and discuss the questions listed below.
  1. Life wouldn’t be worth living if I couldn’t…
  2. If you could control only one thing about the place where you spend your last hours of life, what would it be?
  3. If you learned you had limited time left to live
    1. What parts of your current life would you want to make sure stayed in place?
    2. What goals or milestones would you want to achieve in the time you had left?


Description: Time for the sweet part! We all have “our circle.” Every person in our circle has a purpose in our lives.

Now that you’ve shared your values, make sure your loved ones can honor them by naming a health care agent. A health care agent is the person you trust to carry out your medical wishes if a time came when you couldn’t speak for yourself. It’s not about figuring out who in your circle loves you most – it’s about naming the person who listens to you the best and who could make decisions for you. Take a moment to think about who you’d most trust to honor your values and ensure you would get the care you want. Then, make it official and name that person as your agent.

Name your health care agent Want to learn more?

Learn More About Naming Your Health Care Agent

  • Free, legal, safe, and secure – and approved by the State of Maryland
  • Makes it easier to ensure the doctors will be able to contact the right person
  • Can be updated at any time
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